Performance Space and Load In Performance Space and Load In Performance ASpace This is a pic. from the second floor of where we are going to perform. You may have the best view to see the performance from here. 105452063 Load In Between JC Penney and Lord and Taylor If you are bringing a marimba or any large percussion equipment you can load in here. 105452065 Pole Marker Pole marker 27 is a good landmark to find the load in doors. 105452452 The Load In Doors When you go through these doors you can go right left or straight. GO STRAIGHT. follow around and it will bring you into the mall. Center Court where we are performing will be to the right when you enter the mall. After you unload you will have to park your car in a spot. 105452451 Mall Map Performance space is located on the Lower Level between ABCE in the center court. Load in is the pink rectangle to the right of letter "E" 108148267